Wilson County Board of Education Smoking Policy


It is the policy of the Board of Education to promote the health and safety of all students and staff and to promote the cleanliness of all school facilities.  As required by North Carolina General Statute, the Board prohibits the use of tobacco products on all property owned or operated by Wilson County Schools, on all school systems vehicles, and by all persons attending any school-sponsored event at any location when they are in the presence of students or school personnel on in an area where smoking is otherwise prohibited by law. 

1.      Adequate notice of this policy shall be provide to students, parents, the public and school personnel.

2.      Signs shall be posted prohibiting at all times the use of tobacco products by any person in and on school property.

3.      Members of the public, including vendors and contractors, who violate this policy will be asked to cease the use of tobacco products.  Persons who are not compliant with a request to cease the use of tobacco products will be directed to leave the Wilson County Schools premises or school-sponsored event.  Failure to leave as directed may result in the filing of trespass charges against the individual.

4.      School personnel shall enforce this policy


Legal Reference:  P.L. 103-227; G.S. 14-132.2, 14-159.12, 14-159-13, 115C-47(18), 115C-399, 115C-407


Adopted:  July 27, 1995


Revised:  March 17, 2008, effective July 1, 2008