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2017 Spring Softball Season

8U & 10U Make Up Schedule (Updated 5/19)

8U Softball Schedule (New Hope)

10U Softball Schedule (The Spot) | 10U Softball Schedule (Lucama-RR)

12U Softball Schedule (New Hope)

The Wilson County Youth Athletic Association is seeking 8U and 12U Softball players for its 2017 Spring Season. Team practices will start this week and the regular season will start the middle of April. Players cannot turn 13 before December 31, 2016, for the 12U Age Division nor turn 9 years old before December 31, 2016, for the 8U Age Division. The registration fee is $45.00 per player.

Anyone interested or with any questions should contact Mickey Davis, W.C.Y.A.A. Athletic Director, at 252-230-2467 or email to mgd39@wcyaa.org.

Registration Form

2016 Baseball & Softball Rule Changes | 2015 Softball By-Laws & League Rules

Babe Ruth League Rule Changes For 2014 | Babe Ruth Southeast Region 8U Rules

Update: Players brought up from a younger age division must play in the outfield. There are no exceptions. Players brought up may bat in any spot in the lineup. If a player is caught playing out of   position according to this rule, the game will be forfeited immediately. The rule is not to help teams win games. The rule is to allow teams to play without forfeiting. This rule is for the safety of our players and must not be abused.

Rosters: WCYAA Roster Sheet (download and email to Mickey at mgd39@wcyaa.org)

Ages 5-12 BB/SB Scoresheet

Download to your computer (SAVE AS) - open, fill out, email as attachment.

Scoresheets must be emailed to Mickey Davis at mgd39@wcyaa.org the next day after your game by 12:00pm. All player's first and last names are to be listed as well as their stats. We will run all names in the paper if they have a hit, an outstanding defensive play, a strong pitching performance, double, triple, or homerun.

Stats will be kept for homeruns, triples, doubles, batting averages, pitching wins-loses, pitching strikeouts, and RBIs.

PDF Version (only use if you do not have MS Word)